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What teachers say……

‘We had an amazing  day when Andy came in to film. The filming gave them a real purpose for writing and brought in so many elements in the curriculum. The children had so much fun doing it and were thrilled with the end result. Andy himself couldn't have been more helpful.  He was brilliant with the children and very patient; he also explained excellently how the filming process worked and edited the films perfectly. We will definitely be having him back again!'

Anne Phillips, Year 4 Classteacher, Wray with Botton Primary School

‘As part of our topic on 'lights, camera, action', Andrew came to school to work with my Y5/6 class on making their own short film.

We had decided to film a news programme and so Andrew came to talk to the class in an initial visit to explain about some of the roles that the children would need to take on in order to write, film, act out, and produce their own news bulletin.  Andrew confidently led this session, talking to them about what each role might entail and encouraged all of the children, even those less keen to be 'on camera', to find out about other roles that were as important as the role of the presenters delivering the bulletin.   After his visit, the class watched a number of news programmes and did some research about the roles they were interested in carrying out for our project.  The presenters and roving reporters wrote scripts, the location managers considered suitable places for 'outside' broadcasts around school, wardrobe managers, hairstylists and make up artists considered suitable costumes and 'looks' they were trying to achieve, the camera, lighting and sound crew considered issues that might arise from any of the filming locations, the clapperboard operator planned her lines and practised her part, and the directors and writers worked on suitable interviews and segments for the programme.  Other children planned and wrote scripts for adverts for the commercial breaks and had great fun writing jingles to be used in the adverts.

On 'film day', Andrew brought all of the equipment to school and set this up in the hall.  While the children were putting finishing touches to their scripts and costumes, some of the younger children in school had a tour of the equipment and Andrew talked to them about how the green screen, cameras and audio equipment worked, with children having the opportunity to film themselves and watch these back.

During the day itself, Andrew encouraged each group of children to work on their roles and explained various aspects of these to them.  All of the children were kept busy during the filming and the whole experience was really realistic with make up, hair and wardrobe being called in to make finishing touches to each presenter, and presenters being encouraged to watch their parts back, and re-take anything they wanted to improve on.  The lighting, sound and camera crew watched clips back and made necessary adjustments, becoming increasingly confident in their roles.  Other children took turns to use a variety of equipment so that they all had a turn at using the cameras and audio equipment and found out about how this worked. Andrew managed all the groups of children well, ensuring that all children in each group had an opportunity to use equipment and review the filming they had done so far.

The whole day was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all of the children, and all of them were actively involved throughout.  They learned lots of new skills, found out about the importance of what happens behind the scenes during filming, and all felt they had a valuable role to play.  Andrew did a fantastic job of encouraging and motivating the children throughout and led the day professionally, engaging well with all of the children so that they all participated confidently and enthusiastically.  The children loved watching the finished film and were really proud of all they had achieved.  We played this during a recent class assembly and parents were really impressed with what the children had been able to produce.

 I would thoroughly recommend this experience to all schools, Andrew was wonderful with all of the children and the learning they got from this activity was amazing!  We all had a thoroughly enjoyable day! ‘

Rebecca Starr, Y5/6 Classteacher, Nether Kellet CP School.


MovieSkool provides informative and interactive workshops for schools to give children the opportunity to have a real, hands-on experience of movie making.

We have professional equipment such as HD video cameras, lights, microphones, green screen and of course, the clapperboard.

We have a range of ideas for your very own school video workshop or we can incorporate a topic you are currently learning about to make it come alive. Whether it’s just one class, or the majority of the school, the aim is to include each child in either the production or performance.


 I would thoroughly recommend this experience to all schools, Andrew was wonderful with all of the children and the learning they got from this activity was amazing!